Hadiya Pendleton…young victim of senseless crime in Chicago

Angels We Have Heard on High

Angels We Have Heard on High (Photo credit: Randy Son Of Robert)


May the God of all comfort bring comfort to your parents. Though I don’t know you, yet, when I look at your beautiful beaming face in the papers, all I see is the essence of God in you. The devil thinks he has taken another patriarch of God’s Kingdom, robbed the world of spiritual greatness, yet he knows not that all he did was to help propagate the gospel of Christ through your legacy that will live on for a long, long, time, my dear!


The Bible says that they wouldn’t have crucified the King of glory if only they knew who He was. However, what the Devil doesn’t know many times is that when he messes with God’s chosen, he digs a bigger hole for himself for the day of judgment; and enriches the community(ies) and, or cities through the memory of the demised, or what they stood for before their demise.


Gorgeous Hadiya, I as an individual will not focus on the senseless way you left this world. Nonetheless what I choose to focus on is the fact that your aura speak volumes through your pictures, and it’s these nonverbal that will propel me to spread the word of your young, bright, promising & vibrant life all over the world through this medium and other mediums. The best is yet to come for your family, and for your legacy. Though they may not see it now, however, God in His extraordinary way will not only bring closure to your hurting love ones, He’ll also raise awareness for what you stood, stand, & will continue to represent in this world for His Name sake. It’s just like the Phoenix bird that rises out of the ashes to newness of life. Now, whether  that is mythical or reality, the truth yet remains that you’ll arise in the memories of people present, and people yet to come. Because the enemy thinks that they’ve laid you in the ashes, yet you’ll yet arise again. I’m not speaking of spiritual resurrection, but as that of  memorial newness!!


Rest in the Beloved sweet one….God loves you more.


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