The missing link……….

I feel so empty! So lonely!! Not the lonely kinda “I don’t have a man, enough money, friends, or have anybody!” But the lonely, parched, thirst-drenched, detached link that connects me to my Maker.


I’m in the desert place with unseemingly endless array of dryness……no sign of life at all. But I know my Savior is on the horizon. Watching my every step, beckoning me closer to Him. B..u…t as I reach out my hands to touch His, a whirlwind from outta nowhere sweeps me away in another direction. I can hear Him calling my name, but the noise is so loud that it blocks the still, small, voice of my Maker!


What am I to do? How am I to find my way back where He was before I was so powerfully swept away by the whirlwinds of turmoil (though a mirage, but appears real)? Where am I to start from? Picking up the shards left by this falsetto whirlwind?
As I trudge through the sandy domes of my desert, a “mockingbird” carried a tune to me. Reminding me that my Savior is everywhere, even in the “sandy domes” I find myself stuck in. After all, the “mockingbird” reminds me; He is the Maker, Divine Creator of the “sandy domes” that encompass me.


Before I got stuck. he saw it. And with that, He has also made a way of escape (though at the moment, I’m intensely focused on the false dome appearing real). Now my Savior beckons me to rest, for the journey has been long, & the journey is long still. But He reminds me there’s strength for the journey as long as I don’t lean on my own understanding nor my own strength. He also promised to make a way for me in the wilderness, and cause rivers to flow in my desert (even in the sandy domes).


Soooooo, the missing link in my life is His righteousness in my life; His holiness in my life; and His abiding Word to sustain me and shine a light unto my path until the day is perfected. He has/must revive me according to His Word of life. And after He has done His part, I also must do my part which is to stand, and keep standing in the liberty with which I’ve been called and saved wherewithal, even if I’ve gotta stand still in the sandy domes that encompass me about (shhhh, it’s a MIRAGE)!!


Because at the end of the day, Jesus is the missing link in my life, for it is in Him that I live, in Him I move , & in Him I have my being. Glory to God…….


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