Celebrate your uniqueness (Pastor Chris O)

…Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith… (Hebrews 12:1-2).

God has a unique plan for your life, different from that of any other living person. His plans and purposes for your life are distinct, because He doesn’t have, has never had, and will never have a replica of you! You’re the only “you” that God has and will ever have. So, take pride in who you are and in what God is doing in your life; sing and celebrate your uniqueness.

Sometimes, there’s the temptation to feel discouraged when others around you seem to be making more progress than you. However, such a feeling is absolutely unnecessary, because you don’t measure your success with the success of someone else. Rather, you measure your success with how much you’re walking in the will of God for your life. That someone else is succeeding doesn’t mean you’re failing, for God has called us to fulfill different areas of His vision.

John the Baptist, for example, was filled with the Holy Spirit while he was in his mother’s womb and was described by Jesus as the greatest of all men born by women (Matthew 11:11). Yet, his ministry as the forerunner to the Messiah lasted only six months. This was God’s purpose for his life, and he fulfilled it.

Learn to celebrate your uniqueness! Refuse to compete or compare yourself with someone else. Focus on your calling; sing and make melody about your uniqueness in Christ; work on outdoing your past and not somebody else. This consciousness will make your life full of rest, as you learn to look at yourself and measure your success through God’s Word. Hallelujah!

Take advantage of this platform to sing about your uniqueness today!


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