Praise to the most High God

Omnipotent Father, my Helper and my Advocate, Creator of the Universe, You’re the most excellent God.

Dependable God, a Reliable God, Unchangeable God, Unmovable God, Unfathomable God.

My God of special effects!! My Father with innumerable facets!!

Monarch of the Universe. Awesome Wonder. Your Presence, Your Glory, Your Power, is my preference Lord.

My Extraordinary Strategist. The One who was, Who is, and Who is to come. You alone are worthy of my monumental praise.

Way Maker, Life Changer, Eye Opener, Grace Giver, Joy River, Mountain Mover, Ransomer, Restorer, Rebuilder, Remaker, Rewarder, Rejuvenator, Renewer, Repairer, Releaser, Relocator, Refueler, Refiner.

Relentlessly Gracious God. El-Roi, my Father who sees me. God of the angels-armies. My God, who makes me wonder and ponder. 

My Heavenly Father who is not dead, but surely alive roaring like a Lion on the inside of me.

Arise Lord in all Your Splendor and Majesty to demonstrate Your power to the ends of the earth.

For in Your Light I see light, therefore, I bless Your Priceless Name…… Thank You……….

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