The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit……. Psalm 34:18

When we walk through trials, we sometimes forget God’s nearness. Yet this scripture is clear, God is actually near brokenhearted and crushed people. In the midst of our pain, we always have a choice – to access God’s presence, or buckle down and try to grit our teeth through it.

When we feel utterly crushed by circumstances or people, He rescues us. Jesus’ life is a perfect example of this assurance of truth. He experienced every single pain known to man during His brief stay on earth. He was abandoned, mocked, in pain, hungry, tired, overwhelmed, forsaken, gossiped about, envied, back stabbed, and ultimately murdered! Because of all that, He is uniquely equipped to help us when we walk through our own painful valleys.

Ask yourself, “What does it cost me to try to do this all on my own? What do I gain by running away from God in my trial?” Being honest with yourself may help unearth shreds of pride and self-sufficiency in your life. You were not made to walk alone. If you feel alone right now, get on your knees and ask God to come near and rescue you. He is listening attentively to your pleas for HELP………….

Let’s Pray; 

Jesus, I’m tired. And I feel distant from You. But You promise to be near to me and save me when I feel utterly crushed. I choose right now to hope in You, to trust You for Your perfect empathy and strength. Amen.

Daily gifts of Hope!!!!

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