Staying Vertical in the Spirit….

What does it mean to stay vertical in the spirit?  Not just in any spirit, but in the Spirit  of the Living God.  El-Mauz, the God of my strength.  He is the One who makes my way straight, hence the imperativeness of staying VERTICAL at all times in His Spirit.

It’s in staying vertical in the Spirit, that I see the bigness of God.  Where I see that He is a God of intentionality.  In staying vertical in the Holy Spirit, God will be able to create an inner territory that leads directly to Him.  My inner person (the one that stays vertical in the Spirit) dwells in the presence of  El-Derek Tamiym (God whose way is perfect).

There is a land of promise awaiting me, in my staying vertical in the Spirit of God – where Jesus is the “Territorial Spirit” that is within me – and overcomes everything around me on the external.

Everything God has, is mine.  But, I will need to receive what God has for me daily.  And that’s only through staying vertical in the Spirit – My life is full of endless heavenly promises because #Miracles, #Signs, and #Wonders are the norm on a daily basis in I AM’s Kingdom….

So no tilting ever which way in the Spirit.  Staying vertical in the Spirit will allow God to fully govern all of my life’s events – all awful and bitter circumstances will be made beautiful by the God of BEAUTY, Himself!  I am to remain VERTICAL at all times in the Spirit so I can be constantly upgraded in everything…..


Heavenly Father, El-Negamah (GOD), how my heart  ♥️  leaps at the thought of You.  I’m constantly in awe of Your goodness and faithfulness.  Not once have You failed, and You won’t start now.  Thank You 🙏🏽 for giving me a quickening spirit that empowers me to remain VERTICAL in Your Spirit.  As I remain in this position, it allows me to see things more clearly.  Thank You for giving me POWER from within, so I can tackle situations from without.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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