Annual End of the Year Fear Party…

“Common y’all,” Anxiety screeched at the top of his lungs to the group.  We don’t want to be late for the party.  Stop dragging your legs you “worthless souls!”

Reason tried to whisper to the group, “You aren’t worthless. Why do you subject yourselves to such abuse?  You are much bigger and better than anxiety lets on! You must know that anxiety and his band of “no-gooders,” are not your true friends!”

“Shhhh,” Courage whispers back to Reason. “I’m just too anxious at the moment, my mind is all over the place.  I’m certain that by the time we get to the party, I would have calmed down a bit.”  Sound mind chimes in to Reason; “Courage is right, you know.  I heard Fret, Worry, Confusion, Paranoia, and Fear, will be at the party.  Although if I can be candid, I’m not actually looking forward to the annual “FEAR for  all” gathering.  It’s just that I’m too scared to say no to anxiety!”

“Why?” Discernment chimes in.  “Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you put  yourself through this pain and humiliation year after year, seasons after seasons? Why are you allowing fear to dominate your life so much?”  By this time, the entire group where nearing the venue of the party when word came to the group that FEAR had just arrived.  Immediately the whole group were thrown into a panic.  Echoes of “what ifs” filled the air.  The atmosphere was thickened with the aura of fear, one could cut through with a knife.

#BOOM!!! This large explosion startled the group that, for a moment they forgot about their fears and started panicking instead!  “Chill,” says Illumination.  ‘‘Tis just  me.  Did I really scare y’all?  “YES,” Faith whispered.  “We are already out of sorts about fear, then you show up with a bang!  How do you expect us to just chill?”  Illumination noticed that Faith’s chin began to wobble (made very obvious because of the cleft in between Faith’s chin).

Understanding beckoned to Knowledge who had been relatively quiet all along.  “We need to do something about this shenanigans,” states Understanding.  “I can’t stand to see my friends this way anymore.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”  “Well, Knowledge began, “we can’t really fight off all these bands of vagabonds for our friends.  This is a battle they’ll have to face themselves.  However, what we can do is call up TRUTH right now and ask her to get here as fast as she can.  I know she disdains this annual rubbish of a party but, our friends have suffered long enough.  We must put an end to everything today!”  “I concur,” Understanding responds.

Knowledge whipped out his cell phone and dials Truth’s numbers.  She answered on the first ring.  “Hallo,” Truth answers.  “Hey,” Knowledge responds.  “How soon can you get to the valley of despondency?’ “Our wonderful friends are at it again.  But, this time they are in really bad shapes.”  “I’m on it. SEE YOU IN A FEW.”

By this time, the group had arrived at the party – which was already in full swing.  Peeps where dancing. Ragamufin looked ragged as usual, Prudence quietly noted.  Despair was standing off to the corner with Desolation, Isolation, Stagnancy, and Procrastination.  They had never looked worse for the wear, Courage thought to herself.  She wondered why she attended the annual gathering.  It was never fun, no proper food, no fun lighting, and by the time the whole affair was over she always left drained!!!

Everyone noticed Fear dancing with complete abandonment in the middle of the dance floor with absolutely no care in the world.  However, almost everyone was afraid to join Fear on the dance floor for fear of being reprimanded with a look from Disapproval and Disappointment.  Panic, however joined his best buddy Fear on the dance floor. They girated energitically together to the sad music playing (spun by no other than DJ Pathetic)…

Prudence and Courage shuffled to a corner so as not to draw attention to themselves ‘cause they knew pretty soon, Fear would be done dancing then move on to the annual roster calling of names then, reading out loud to the room each person’s failures for the year!  Panic was already eyeing Prudence and Courage out of the corner of his eyes.  He did not want these two hanging out, he knew what they didn’t know – the fact that they possessed unlimited power to unleash major catastrophe on him and his best bud if they were to awaken to their full potential!  They must be separated, he thought to himself.  He whispered something to Fear, but Pride had Fear’s undivided attention by now.  Fear was practically drooling at the sight of Pride.  She brought Distraction with her, who was already making her presence known by going round the party goers….. Panic started panicking!  He didn’t know what to do without his sidekick…

Then out of nowhere, the room #LIT up! Illumination, Discernment, Truth, Wisom, Knowledge, and Discernemt arrived.  One could actually see the full features and outlines of everyone at the party.  For the first time ever, the party goers could see that Lies was not all that he hyped himself up to be.  He was dressed up in a funny looking iridescent outfit and he had Stress draped on his left arm.  Even with her flawless and impeccably made up face, she looked stressed 😩

Prudence and Courage sauntered over to their friends, panic stricken. “What are you doing here?” Courage whispered to her friends.  “You folks never attend this function.  Fear is going to be really upset at us ‘cause he knows we are close friends and will assume we invited you.  You all know this event is by invitation only!”  “Hence our showing up uninvited,” chimes in Truth.  “No one can pay me any amount in this lifetime for me to attend this pathetic, life draining event.  Being in this room alone is giving me epic migraines.  But, I’m here on a mission. It’s time my friends know the truth, so that you all may be set free once and for all!” Truth continued; “tell me, in all the years you have worried about yesterday which is like paying interest on a loan you don’t owe, and panicking about tomorrow which can also be compared to buying furnitures you’ll never use, where has it brought you?” “OH, I know,” Knowledge chimes in.  “It has brought you to this point – today.  But, because you’ve allowed Worry and Lies to be your allies for so long, you have nothing to spend for today.”  By this time, the entire room was watching the exchange taking place by the entry way.  Distraction and Pride tried to sashay their way to the group, but the light 💡 eminating from Illumination kept them away cause it was blinding them.  Fear tried to approach the group but he realized he couldn’t move – he was paralyzed by his own fears.  Panic was nowhere to be found by now….

Slowly, the group that came with Fear including Anxiety, where now fleeing out of the  banquet hall one by one through the back door.  They couldn’t get out fast enough!  Wisdom knocked out the DJ, Calm took over the songs played…

The godly friends all huddled together, in a circle and started dancing around the room.  They danced to hits like “I am Born of God, No Longer Slave to Fear, and Made a Way.”

Illumination set off fireworks into the night skies that read:





The friends danced the night away – embracing liberation to its fullest….





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