I don’t have hate in my heart 💜

As stated in the image, this is not going to a subliminal post. I don’t do FAKE! I Don’t know how to be FAKE. And I’m not perfect either. If anything, I’m far from it! #ButForGod! What I do really well is cheer peeps on, rejoice with those who are rejoicing, cry with those who cry, pray with those who need to be prayed with and for, give of my substance and time wholeheartedly to the best of my ability. I also give peeps full disclosure of who I am and what they can expect when they are around me. With that being said, I need to address this issue that’s been subliminal for centuries now. Thank goodness for Social Media, and all the other good stuff that exposes the motives of the human heart. I’m grateful for movies/shows like “Get out & Underground.” Thankful for Nelson Mandela’s life-what a beautiful legacy. Love me some Maya Angelou (as a matter of fact I’ve been likened to her). What a fantastic honor! I don’t want to be Maya. Do not need to be Maya! I’m just epically inspired by the legacy she left behind and the wisdom one gets to glean from her life’s work! Grateful that Obama was president for two seasons, totally hyped about Meghan Sparkle ❇️ (no typo cause she truly sparkles) being given the platform she now has and for marrying into one of the most powerful families in the world! Chile, do I love me some Meghan Markle! However, in the midst of all these great things, we get to see the real hearts of White folks!!!

If you’ve read my truths up to this point and it’s making you cringe inwardly, then some inner healing needs to take place in your essence! The Bible says, “we should love in deeds and not just in words.” If this post severely offends you, you happen to be my “so-called friend” on social media, and you don’t like me, please unfollow or hit the BLOCK button like “Speedy G!” Now back to this regular scheduled post, we (Blacks) have seen epic proportions of ugliness and injustice. Trust me, I’m not blackmailing anyone emotionally. I have dual citizenship-Nigerian American. Born in the US, but raised back home in (Nigeria). And Chile, is I ever so grateful for that authentic ethnic exposure (shoutout to @neneleakes for this great one-liner—“Chile, Ghetto). Most Africans can attest to this truth that, we were raised to think like leaders, love like no other, do good unto others cause you want that good to come back around to you (akin to this scriptural truth, “Cast your bread upon the waters after many days it’ll return to you!”) But above all these traits, to speak up in the face of injustice, extreme “subliminal wickedness, inequality, et al. Yeah, there was (still is) corruption (that’s a worldwide epidemic,) amongst other things. However, we didn’t have to deal with racial profiling. Fast forward to the here and now. We all know there is “White privilege and superiority” (I truly beg to differ). What baffles me the most in the face of all these “supposed perks” is that White folks continue to covet what Black peeps have managed to amass. The ones in church and hide behind “Christianity” can’t be trusted. We saw (and still continue) to see the ugliness of peeps when Meghan became a Duchess. Harry had to go as far as condemning the “racial undertone” towards his girlfriend earlier in their courtship. For those who’ve seen “Get Out, When They See Us, and Underground,” I’m certain y’all know where I’m going with that argument. When Obama was president, we truly saw the face of “RACISM!” “Abeg” scratch that mantra of, “I love Obama,” or “I love black people.” Oh, and can we also talk about Halle Bailey (Black actress) set to be cast as Ariel and already, White folks are falling out over that! Y’all can fall out all day long, everyday! She ‘gon be Ariel whether you like it or not! Thankful for Tweeter now more than ever. Yo, don’t go playing with peeps on Tweeter. They will put you on blast in a heartbeat. Tweeter has exposed more racial profiling truths than any other platform.
Sooooo, y’all may be wondering what this rant/post is about? I honestly prayed hard before posting this and felt a release in my spirit to do this write up. I have love in my heart for everyone, real talk! I may not be able to stand your behind but I’ll love you hard from a very far distance with the love of God. I’ll pray for you after all the evil you’ve done, cause that’s my priestly duty as a Christian. But I will no longer put up with your “subliminal messages.” I won’t tolerate your shenanigans. No Chile, you’ve got the wrong one. I won’t put up with your “FAKENESS.” You can kick rocks with that! And, in the event this post triggers something in you—do a real heart/soul check with your God. Do some serious reflections. Stay in your lane. If you have to cross into someone else’s lane, be transparent about it and ask for permission. Stop coveting what’s not yours (this is really for everyone). Going forward, I’m going to start calling out “half-truths” asap. Paul had to call Peter out too for being two-faced. Check out Galatians 2:11-14. Blessings.

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