Plant Your Vision In The Right Soil….

I remember accompanying my Dad as a young gurl to my maternal great-grand uncle’s house, Otunba T.O.S. Benson. He was the SAN of Nigeria at that time (Senior Advocate of Nigeria). We had just moved back to Nigeria from the US and, my Dad was looking to start his business with the right advisors and connections. Though my great-grand uncle and great-grand mother came from a family of aristocrats However, they both had VISIONS when they were young and they worked very hard towards the vision. They Planted their visions in the right soils. Though my great-gram didn’t finish elementary school however, she became the first female entrepreneur in my hometown; the first woman to build a hotel 🏨 and
first female wholesale beer distributor in my hometown! You wanna know why? Cause She planted her vision in the right soil, aligned with the right peeps and worked super hard! She was known as a “Visionary” in her time. Likewise my GGU. Part of the legacy they left behind is the story I get to share with others. Likewise, other People spoke on their behalf. They didn’t have to say a word to announce their presence. It’s actually scriptural: “Let another praise you, and not your own mouth—a stranger, and not your own lips.” (Proverbs 27:2) That’s the difference between “rich peeps” and “wealthy peeps.” Wealthy peeps don’t talk about what they have. Their substance speaks for them. Rich peeps are the ones who make all the noise. We have a name for the “so called rich folks’ in my culture, “Ómò oju o rolari!” Meaning, a person who has never seen nor tasted wealth before…🤷🏽‍♀️
Anyways, To piggy back to my original story — as my dad and Otunba sat down to talk business, I overheard snippets of their conversations:

TOS Benson:Sęgun (that’s my dad’s Name), make sure you plant your vision in the right soil, and at the right time. Also, surround yourself with men of substance. They will help you achieve your dreams. These men don’t talk about what they have or don’t have. They plant silently but POWERFULLY!! I must stop 🛑 here momentarily. You see, I’ve not remembered this story for years now. Occasionally I’ll reminisce about things I did with my dad but, never this one! This was brought back to my memory for such a time as this…

Now back to the story (lol)…

Dad: (in his baritone voice) responded, “Thank you, Otunba! Well said Sir, you know!” (My dad always always uses “you know” in every sentence/convo he’s having).. I left 10 Naira richer that day (that was a lot of money in the 80’s). My dad left with priceless counsel that would later help birth several ventures he established! I was also greatly impacted by what I witnessed between these two men!

Which brings me back to the now: Some of us have inadvertently used our mouths to truncate our blessings. Not everyone will support your vision. Even your Pastor(s) won’t get it. And this is okay. God is no respecter of persons – He doesn’t need to tell your pastor, lawyer, mom, best friend, hubby, anything! He told you and that’s enough. The vision was given to you and not anyone else. Also, try not to set unrealistic expectations for others nor for yourself. Rely on God entirely. Ask when to release, share, and plant the vision. Prayerfully ask that He sends the right peeps into your life at the right time. Some of us have aligned with the wrong people. What’s good for the goose is not always necessarily good for the gander. I pray God superimposes His will for our lives over our own will.

You see, at the core of this visit my dad knew he needed to align with someone who was well-versed in the business industry. Being a fresh graduate with a Doctorate degree didn’t mean he knew it all. He needed the right people on the right soil to help plant his vision! I also remember Otunba asking me what I want to do when I grow up. I said, “I’ll love to study journalism!” He told me I would make a fine journalist! He spoke life into me without even knowing it! I’m low key doing a lil bit of journalism now. Being in peeps business and all, (y’all know it’s for Kingdom purposes 😎😉)…

What’s the take away from this long narrative you may ask me?? Legacy, my loves! LEGACY! You see, any vision that comes from God is already packaged with legacy. Others behind you learn from your godly ethics and in turn are inspired 🙏🏽. There certainly will be plenty of days you won’t see nor hear from anyone. ‘Tis okay! God is never out of sight. It’s during those days you press in deeper with your faith-filled Prayers and working hard towards the vision. Also keep this tidbit of advise at the back of your mind,the right things in the wrong season can be disastrous. So make sure you’re always tuned in to the Holy Spirit’s updates. What worked for you last season may possibly not work for you in the new season you’re entering into, thus it’s ever so imperative to check in with the Holy Spirit on everything! And I mean “Absolutely Everything.” He’s the only One that can lead you to the right people in the right places at the right time! “You know!”

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